We Cure Viral Diseases with Non-Pathogenic Viruses!

HepC's Technology Platform and Intellectual Property

HepC is developing an antiviral agent that might be used against several acute and chronic virus infections. The basic concept of this technology platform is a revolutionary idea, using an entirely different modality from antiviral drugs currently in pipelines. It is achieved via viral superinfection therapy (SIT) using a non-pathogenic attenuated Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (IBDV), which is a double-stranded RNA (ds RNA) virus that induces high levels of TH1 / interferon responses. The agent can be orally administered as it is both temperature and pH stable and not considered to be a zoonotic hazard.

HepC has an intellectual property portfolio that includes issued and allowed US and EU patents serving as the foundation for the development of its virus based medicines. More specifically, HepC has an issued US patent on the composition of matter of a novel apathogenic viral strain R903/78. This preferred viral strain of IBDV is specifically characterized in terms of structure and biological activities.

HepC also has allowed patents in EU for the IBDV technology and related treatment of viral hepatitis. Furthermore, the invention also provides claims to treat all other viral infections not related to viral hepatitis.

About Superinfection Therapy

Based on clinical observations that unrelated viruses might interact in co-infected patients, the SIT strategy exploits viral competition for the treatment of viral infections,. Hepatitis infection by one type of virus is often abolished following accidental infection by a second hepatitis virus such that the latter dominates over the replication of the former. Nevertheless, in cases when both viruses are pathogenic the hepatitis persists.

However, the patient may benefit from superinfection with a non-pathogenic dsRNA virus such as IBDV, which is a powerful activator of the interferon-dependent antiviral gene program. To this end, viral competition using an attenuated vaccine strain of IBDV is exploited to resolve acute and persistent HBV or HCV infections. Because of its major economic importance to the world's poultry industries, attenuated IBDV strains are used as commercial vaccines. These vaccines have an excellent safety record. Importantly, IBDV is not known to be a hazard in transmitting to humans despite its worldwide distribution in the domestic fowl.