We Cure Viral Diseases with Non-Pathogenic Viruses!

Product Progress

HepC has selected IBDV, a non-pathogenic double stranded RNA (dsRNA) virus, a master activator of antiviral gene responses as its primary vector system for product development. The Company believes that IBDV will be the first vector systems to receive regulatory product approval employing the novel superinfection therapy (SIT) concept, because of its superior delivery characteristics, its safety profile and its efficacy for clinical applications with unmet medical need.

HepC is focusing on three key product areas making use of its IBDV technology:

(1)��� Treatment of advanced chronic viral hepatitis caused by HBV and HCV infections, which are non-responsive to currently available therapies including the new Direct-Acting-Antiviral (DAA) drug candidates (Lead product HC001).

(2)��� Adjuvant viral therapy of HBV/HCV positive hepatocellular carcinoma patients who cannot be treated with any of the conventional drugs due to their fragile liver function (Second product HC002).

(3)��� Potential new target diseases are pandemic influenza (Flu), West Nile virus (WNV), dengue virus (DENV) and Ebola virus (EDV) infections. HepC is confident that the dsRNA virus based SIT technological platform can be leveraged to save lives of EVD infected people by reducing viral loads at the initial critical infectious period (Third product HC003)

HepC's Pipeline