loon – noun: boy, young man, son

Is that a loon or a quine? Is that a boy or a girl?

Far’z the loon the day? Where’s your son today?

An older person may call a younger man a loon. For example a 100 year old man may still call a 90 year old man a loon. Loon is a friendly term.

3 thoughts on “loon – noun: boy, young man, son

  1. When I was younger I used to play for a North East based, Dundee Utd youth team (divna hold it against me…Dons didna want me!). We used to train with the other youth teams across Scotland and one day, a young lad from Edinburgh was confused after training..”What do you mean when when you lot are talking about loons and quines?!”

    To which one 12 year old Cornhill loon popped up straight away…”Ach its easy min, a loons a boy and a quines a quine!!!”

  2. the google lot are stymied ( as I am too) loon is a young lad but am uncertain of the n.e Scotland town ?culter”.

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