Do Photo 2014: Urban Animals

This May the Trinity Bellwoods BIA, as part of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Exhibit, will be hosting a street wide exhibit that  will focus on the connection we have to animals and reflect on how animals influence the identity of a city, a street, a neighbourhood.  Through the diverse gathered images the exhibit encourages the viewer to reflect on how animals contribute to a collective sense of identity. …including the neighbourhood’s legendary white squirrel!

Exhibition Dates – 1 May to 31 May, 2014.



In May 2013, the Trinity Bellwoods on Dundas Bia participated for the first time in the annual Scotia Bank Contact Photography Festival.  Over 50 businesses featured photographs in their windows that represented their time on the street, something they like, or an archival picture of the neighbourhood.  The mix was amazing and showcased the diversity and heart of our street.

Each year we will introduce a new theme and you will be able to walk the street and learn more about the people who live and work here through their images on display.

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