Doric Phrases

Here is a list of some of the most popular Doric phrases used today. Enjoy.

  • Fit like? How are you?
  • Awa an bile yer heid! Away and boil your head.
  • Tak a candy leg. Take a mad-turn.
  • Ca canny. Go easy.

Please suggest your own favourite phrases in the Comments below?

50 thoughts on “Doric Phrases

  1. I’ve just realised it’s more generally said ‘ca tee the door fan ye gan ben the hoose’ so please make it this version when you moderate

    1. I thought the phrase was a “a boorach o dubs” the same meaning, a right mess of mud, the term boorach can also mean, ” a motley collection”

      1. I’ve always known it as “A glorach” Roy. I haven’t heard the word “Boorach but “A boorachie” in my experience was a wee collection of things or a small group of people gathered in a huddle.

  2. Why do Doric speakers think that many words and phrases are Doric when they are in fact used in other parts of Scotland. I get fed up with exclusive attitude of Doric speakers.

  3. In 1963 aged 15 I worked at Riddochs sawmills, Mosstodloch it was hard graft and when I came in after work my mither would often say “weel ma loon ye look dirt deen”.

  4. Fae ma Granddad, when I wis a wee loon.
    He hemmered in a a temporary post and gave it a wee shack to test it.
    I said to him, “Granddad, will it ha’ad?”
    ‘Ha’ad min?. . . . It’ll ha’ad tae the last day – at denner time’

  5. “Fan the taka came to the door wee Dod got sic a fleg he cacked his breeks ”

    When the school inspector came to the door young George got such a fright that he soiled his trousers.

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