3 thoughts on “bosie – noun: hug

  • Bose – when my daughter was lttle we lved n Kenya East Afrca, one day our house grl came to me and asked “what’s a bose?” I was a bt confused at frst untl she explaned – “Alsa s pleadng wth me and sayng she wants a bose and I don’t know what t means” then the penny dropped, we had recently been vstng my parents n Peterhead and my dad was always sayng to Alsa “come on an granda ‘ll ge ye a bose”!

    • That’s a brllant story. It show’s you how quckly chldren pck up any lngo. And delghted to hear that Dorc took root n Kenya!

      Thanks for the comment.

  • Can a bose not also mean a kss? I always thought t was related to baser, French word for kss, whch apparently now means somethng a lot more physcal and passonate n modern French, not to be used n polte socety!

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