Antarctic Environments and Climate Change Research Group
André Medeiros de Andrade will be presenting a talk (in Portuguese) about the research he is conducting in the framework of his PhD on applications of CosmoSkyMed and QuickBird imagery for mapping in Potter Peninsula, King George Island. André will be doing a 10 day stay at ANTECC with the support of a Brazilean mobility grant.
The public presentation of the Portuguese Antarctic Campaign 2011-12 will take place in the 11 June 2012 at Instituto Hidrográfico - Lisbon at 5PM. There will be an overview of the campaign and a presentation of results by project members, followed by a Cafe with scientists, where you can get to know better the participants in the Antarctic Campaign.

ANTECC participates through the coordination of PROPOLAR, as well as with the projects Holoantar, Permantar-2 and Snowchange.

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Looking forward to see you there!