Holes in the web


par Bertrand de Véricourt


Proportion of households with: Percentage of individuals using:
Country Internet access at home Year of data Internet Year of data Mobile Year of data
Korea 99% 2014 84% 2014 95% 2013
Finland 89% 2013 92% 2013 99% 2012
France 82% 2013 82% 2013 90% 2012
India 3% 2011
USA 75% 2012 75% 2012

Source: ITU,.the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies


What a mystery! we have the feeling that americans do masterize the Internet much more than Europeans as all big Internet companies come from there, and here is the fact: households in big European countries are more equipped in Internet than their young and giant heir.

Especially in northern ones: they share a common history, wealth, good education ratings, some bad temperatures and less sun exposure, AND a very high internet cover.

Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark were all in the top ten… well, in the top twelve of countries with the highest percentage of internet users of 2014 made by the world bank.

What about other countries?

There are around 195 countries in the world or more (would you consider Palestine or the Republic of Serbian Krajina?…) but we have here data on internet users for only 94 of them.

30 out of them have less than 50% of internet users.

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